In this section, descriptions of the project outcomes are presented by the participating working groups. The outcomes are presented both in text and with a short video. In addition, material for educational and tutorial purposes produced by the teachers are linked in the descriptions.  

Finnish language projects

Advanced Finnish studies

MODULES Finnish for the advanced is a material which provides exercises for fluent, independent and skilled students.

Do you speak Finnish?

WEB-COURSE Puhutsä suomee? is a web-course open for all university students to learn the basics of using everyday Finnish.

Finnish at work

MODULES A versatile study material designed for A2/B1-level students who want to improve their Finnish skills in work-life situations.

Kohti pohjoista

LEARNING GAME The player advances from south to north on the map of Finland and learn more about the language and society on the way.

Super basics

SELF-STUDY MATERIAL Super basics is a mobile friendly and open access website, where you can learn the basics of Finnish.

Swedish language projects

Better pedagogy online

TIPS The website provides language teachers tips and methods on how to interact and be present when teaching web-courses.

ePortfolio in Swedish

DIGITAL TOOLS This page contains information and tips on how to make a digital portfolio in Swedish.

Flipped learning methods

METHOD Korkeakouluruotsia flipaten is an open Google Sites-page with gathered material based on the flipped classroom method.

Modular Swedish

TEACHING AID 1 ETCS modules, which teachers can use either as a whole course or as part(s) of a course.

My Swedish in the Nordics

STUDY PACKAGE The online studies offers students from different study fields an opportunity to learn Swedish with a Nordic twist.

Swedish Nonstop

SELF-STUDY COURSE This flexible and learning-oriented online course teaches the fundamentals of Swedish throughout the year.